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Erasmus studies

Legal Transactions in Lithuanian Civil Law

Language of instruction: English.

Instructor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asta Dambrauskaitė,

Required prerequisites: none.

Suggested academic cycle or year of studies: Bachelor degree (from 2nd year of studies).

Local credits: 3.

Contact hours per week: 3.

Semester: Spring.

Methods of teaching: lectures, seminars, individual work.

Form of assessment: examination.


The course focuses on one of the principal concepts of Lithuanian Civil Law – “legal transaction” (“juridical act” or “juristic act”), designating bilateral and multilateral legal transactions (contracts), as well as unilateral ones (wills, authorisations, etc.). This concept lies at the intersection of Contract Law and Property Law – legal transaction is one of the most common sources of obligations and at the same time – a legal ground for transferring and acquiring the right of ownership and other real rights. The capacity to conclude a legal transaction, requirements for its contents and form will be analysed. Formation of contracts will be dealt with in regard to the requirements for their validity and defects in the process of formation. The effects of invalidity of legal transactions will be part of this course. The main emphasis will be put on the regulation of legal transactions in Lithuanian Civil Law with a comparative view to European Contract Law.


Reading List:

1. Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.

2. Principles of European Contract Law. Full text of Parts I and II combined. Edited by O. Lando and H. Beale. Kluwer Law International, 2000. Principles of European Contract Law. Part III. Edited by O. Lando, E. Clive, Prum A., Zimmermann. Kluwer Law International, 2003.

3. H. Kötz and A. Flessner. European Contract Law. Vol. 1. Formation, Validity. and Content of Contracts; Contract and Third Parties. Clarendon Press Oxford, 1997.

4. M. H. Whincup. Contract Law and Practice: The English System and Continental Comparisons. Kluwer Law International, 2001.

5. R. Youngs. English, French and German Comparative Law. Cavendish Publishing Limited, 2004.




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